Review of the year.

As you perhaps noticed, it’s been a very long while since our last newsletter. April was it? What a year it turned out to be.

We were especially sad to see the impact of Coronavirus on the live music industry. Many close friends and colleagues that we’ve worked with over years have struggled with everything from illness and unemployment, to depression and suicide… this has been an incredibly difficult period.

However, we don’t want to dwell on that. From a purely selfish label perspective, (and from our little corner of the world), it has been a pretty good year for new music. Notable successes saw our main YouTube channel top 40 million streams in January (and subsequently boosted by a surge during the first lockdown) and several releases achieve chart positions around the globe. We have been lucky enough to remain relatively unaffected.

It was however the 15th anniversary of the label (established in 2005 obvs!) and we had planned celebrate with a compilation album and book set but events overtook us and the moment never quite felt right. We now intend to save the feel-good of becoming a grumpy mid-teenager for 2021. Fashionably late as ever.

It was with similar regret that our White Mink speakeasy saw, first the summer festival season disappear, and then our Christmas events cancelled. In particular we were disappointed to bail on the long-planned return to The Old Market in Brighton on New Years Eve.

We will be back soon with a further email of ‘thing-to-look-forward-to’ early in 2021. And there’s plenty. But in the meantime – we did just want to recap here some of the music we put out during this year. Just in case any of you are dependent on these intermittent newsletters for information! Please browse at your leisure. There’s a lot to take in but we hope it offers a little joy.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves.


Atom Smith

BASS AGE BIG BANDCalifornian Swing-Hop producer with large contact book brings together a collaborative album bursting at the seams with guest spots from L.A. Rappers to Burlesque Divas, Hollywood Big-Band Brass Arrangers to Film Makers

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Atom Smith

BIG BAND INSTRUMENTALSThe same set of tunes also came in a DJ-friendly INSTRUMENTAL version showcasing Atom’s detailed production while keeping one eye on the demands for SYNC that a sample-free vintage sound with contemporary production creates.

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Riff Kitten

KITTY LITTERYoung American producer and classically trained composer who came over to the dark side of Electronica. Combining the aesthetics of Tim Burton with a 20’s mood, this has blazed a trail for a Dark Electro Swing sound.

See the amazing FALLEN WORLDvideo or…

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The Swing Ninjas

HONKY BARDO6th album (and the 3rd on Freshly Squeezed) from Brighton’s busking trio that evolved to full big band. Light-touch musicianship combines with New Orleans Rhythm & Blues influences for another album of originals with wry lyrics and catchy tunes.

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AS ONE DOOR CLOSES…A surprise #2 in the iTunes UK Jazz Chart, this summer release was a labour of love crafted over 10 years by the Sheffield duo and assorted studio musicians. A great album that rewards repeat listens. Mellow, heartfelt and even came with it’s own making-of documentary!

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Cut Capers

NO DIGGITYKnown as one of the UK’s best Festival bands, Cut Capers had several hundred dates cancelled this year. Ironic then that we released this standout track from their live set just before the first lockdown… listen loud to the biggest brass sound around or…


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HORNYA massive Electro Swing cover by the producer behind Swingrowers and featuring Naz from The Speakeasy Three. This single caught the mood of many in isolation when it dropped during the first lockdown and went viral with it’s fan-made video on YouTube here.

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HYBRIDFirst single and title track from the forthcoming 2021 album from Italy’s finest.

Superb songwriting and cutting edge production cemented their reputation as one of the true originals in their field.

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SEVEN MILLION FACESThe second single from their forth album HYBRID is another master-class in vintage pop. They had a lot to live up to after the success of OUTSIDEIN but their new album takes things up yet another level.

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Odd Chap

THE LITTLE MAN WHO WASN’T THEREOne of the hottest electro swing producers joined Freshly with a remix of this Glen Miller classic. Like an edgier Caravan Palace, we’re looking forward to an original EP from Odd Chap in 2021.

(Odd Chap remix of Little Violet here)

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CAN’T SLEEPOn-going jazz meets electronica side-project from Danish producer behind Swing Republic. Guest improvisation from Young British Jazz Musician of the Year, Alexander Bone on Alto Saxophone.

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