Hello and WELCOME to the new FRESHLY SQUEEZED website.

As you will see, we have been moving the furniture around quite a bit. We think we’ve got it set out nicely now. Please drop us a line and let us know how you like the new layout, whether you unexpectedly bump into things, or any other observations. We’d love to hear from you.

As opposed to the old website, this one is (hopefully) fully compliant with hand held devices and you can now view us on your mobile. The old website was (amazingly) designed before most people accessed the web on their phones. Incredible as it seems, that really wasn’t long ago.

To get things started round here we are launching an online competition (see next post) to promote the website and encourage subscriptions. We’re giving away some seriously hip prizes dug from the archives of the offices here in Brighton including vinyl bundles, new merchandise and even a free record player!

We also plan to start doing a regular monthly newsletter which has been something we neglected for the last few years due to the very sad death of our much missed and much loved former web designer, the wonderful Oli Ladenburg.

Thanks for reading and make yourself at home.