by Swingrowers

fly fly butterfly butterfly fly go go
Go go butterfly butterfly fly go go
fly fly butterfly butterfly fly go go
butterfly fly go go
This is the story of a shy butterfly
who fluttered from flower to flower
she dreamt and dreamt of reaching the sky.
dreaming from hour to hour.
On the very first day of her brief life
woken from a lullaby
she caught a lift from a visiting spaceship
go go high, my butterfly.
Today I learnt that a small gust of wind
can change the direction of fate.
I am up here the high butterfly.
I hope I’ve not come here too late
Where am I? Where is my Mother Nature?!
All around me is dark sky
I feel new in this strange situation
Flutter by my butterfly
Towards the skies the butterflies
all flutter by
towards the stars the butterflies
all fluttering by

SWINGROWERS are known for their official remixes of the likes of Caro Emerald and Jamie Berry, their tour supports for Caravan Palace and Parov Stelar or advert soundtracks for Buitoni pasta and Perroni Beer, the SWINGROWERS are one of the original pioneers of Electro Swing.

An accomplished four-piece live, they have toured North America, Europe and India with their mix of styles as varied as jazz, hip-hop, electronica and gypsy swing amassing over 18 million total YouTube views (to date)