August’s FRESHLY SQUEEZED show is an extended DJ mix created on the fly by resident DJ and label-boss Nick Hollywood and features a continuous (wordless) mix of every track from the newly released Complete ‘Blue Cover’ album, in the correct order….

The series began in 2012 and has evolved over 5 years and 12 EP’s into a highly respected platform to launch new signings and one-off singles by emerging and developing artists.

27 tracks from Fab Samperi, PiSk, Charlie Beale, DJ Dunya, K.D.S, Stabfinger, Chrystal Distortion, Marcella Puppini, DJ Mibor, Michael Fraser, Jazzotron, Le Jockey, Basement Freaks and JAWN.
1 hour 44 minutes of music for the price of a single album! Boom! Bang!