Riff Kitten


Andrew Reilly, also known as ‘Riff Kitten’ in the electronic music world, is a prolific classically-trained composer, songwriter, and producer from Minneapolis. Shortly after graduating with a Bachelor’s in Music Theory and Composition from the University of Minnesota, Andrew fell in love with electronic music and flipped over to the ‘dark side’ of digital composition, learning how to produce songs with only the aid of his computer and home studio. After several years learning the finer points of music production and developing his signature style, his Riff Kitten project was born. A genre-bending venture featuring an eclectic blend of musical influences and instrumentation. Though his sound is tricky to pin down, his blend of Swing, Soul, and Cinematic styles is almost instantly recognizable, despite incorporating many genres. Driven to be different, without sacrificing his musical identity, Riff Kitten’s unique (and extensive) catalogue make him an exciting producer.



Chaos Parade – Album 2024

Sewer Rat – Single 2024

Love Buzz – Single 2024


Hello, Stranger – OFFICIAL VIDEO

Fallen World (Riff Kitten X Kumiho) – OFFICIAL VIDEO