Riff Kitten

Riff Kitten


Andrew Reilly, a.k.a. ‘Riff Kitten,’ is a prolific music producer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Classically trained in composition at the University of Minnesota, he fell in love with electronic music shortly after graduation and came over to the dark side! Featuring an eclectic variety of influences including his film and classical music background, the sound an expansive and richly layered assortment of acoustic and electronic instruments. Andrew has had a string of releases on a variety of labels but has found a home working with Freshly Squeezed (the cult Brighton, UK label) where he is gravitating towards a Tim Burton-esque sound.

His first full Electro Swing dropped just in time for Halloween in 2020 – (check out his video with KUMIHO for the track FALLEN WORLD) . There will be plenty more to come from Riff Kitten in 2021