Alanna Lyes

Alanna Lyes


ALANNA LYES is a UK based singer. pianist and songwriter. More by accident than design she became the go-to session singer and top-line writer for the electro swing community creating melodies and contributing vocals to numerous songs for labels including Wagram, Ragtime Records, Electro Swing Thing and Adapted. Here she worked with numerous producers including Riff Kitten, Wolfgang Lohr, Balduin, Emma Claire, Varrick Frost and Duke Skellington.

Frustrated by the lack of final control in these productions, she decided to focus instead on a solo path. Working with guest producers and a new label, Freshly Squeezed, she began a long-form album project dialling down the tempo but turning up the heat to create a smoldering new sound that is all her own.

Sultry, confessional and highly personal lyrics fuse with a dark, contemporary and jazz-infused electronica. Lush and deep, this music will whisper in your ear one minute and slap you round the face the next! ALANNA LYES will take you by the hand and lead you to explore recesses and dreams, desires and fantasies…

DISAPPEAR, MINE & BACK AROUND are the first 3 singles off her soon to be released album created with producer ATOM SMITH.