Swing Sonix


SWING SONIX, as the name suggests, are a new ELECTRO SWING super group. Formed from a revolving cast of well-known professional songwriters, performers and studio boffins, their identity may be unknown, but there will be nothing anonymous about their music.

Signed to the renowned independent British record label represented here: This Is Freshly Squeezed, they’re setting the stage for some seriously stand-out and infectious music in 2024. Soft launched with the single TIMES SQUARE, this was swiftly followed by the infectious statement of intent, DANCE (TO SAVE YOUR SOUL). With a vaudeville theme and a devil-may-care attitude, Ladies and Gentlemen, you may wish to hold onto your hats. Welcome to the world of SWING SONIX.



Lady Ella – Single 2024

Dance (To Save Your Soul) – Single 2024

Times Square – Single 2024


Dance (To Save Your Soul) – Official Music Video